Some young people with attention problems, high levels of anxiety, or impulsive or aggressive behaviour are at greater risk of difficulties at school. This is because they might find it harder to adapt to the demands of the classroom setting, or they might find it difficult to concentrate during tasks and teacher instructions.

Research has also found a strong link between physical health and academic performance. Some children who have special need resulting from chronic illness, intellectual disability, or behavioural or developmental difficulties might be more at risk of developing academic problems or difficulties with relationship at school.

A child who misses a lot of school because of a temporary or chronic condition might find it difficult to catch up. Academic performances might be influenced by reduced self-esteem or changes in peer relationships that are linked to a child’s special needs. Although not every child with special needs will have academic problems, establishing a strong relationship with your child’s school early and regularly monitoring your child progress throughout schooling can help you pick up on early signs of problems.

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