Nature Of Teacher Education

1)Teacher education is a continuous process and its pre-service and in-service components are complimentary to each other. According to the International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher education (1987), Teacher education can be considered in three phases: Pre-service, Induction and In-service.
The three phases are considered as parts of a continuous process.
2) Teacher education is based on the theory that Teachers are made, not born in contrary to the assumption, Teachers are born, not made. Since teaching is considered an art and a science, the teacher has to acquire not only knowledge, but also skills that are called tricks of the trade.
3) Teacher education is broad and comprehensive. Besides pre- service and in-service programmes for teachers, it is meant to be involved in various community programmes and extension activities, via adult education and non-formal education programmes, literacy and development activities of the society.
4) It is ever-evolving and dynamic. In order to prepare teachers who are competent to face the challenges of the dynamic society, Teacher education has to keep abreast of recent developments and trends.
5) The crux of the entire process of teacher education lies in its curriculum, design, structure, organization and transaction modes, as well as the extent of its appropriateness.
6) Teacher education has become differentiated into stage-specific programmes. This suggests that the knowledge base is adequately specialized and diversified across stages, which should be utilized for developing effective processes of preparing entrant teachers for the functions which a teacher is expected to perform at each stage.
7) It is a system that involves an interdependence of its Inputs, Processes and Outputs.

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