Professional Obligations

Obligation is a responsibility which an individual imposes on himself.  It is ethical and in the line of duty.  A professional when follows rules and regulation and correctly interprets it for the progress of humanity.  It creates a sense of brotherhood which makes others respect that individual and his profession.  All this is done selflessly without any pressure.

Teacher has obligation towards:

1. Obligation towards Students:

Students and teachers are integral part of educational process.  Teacher teaches whereas student learns.  Unless there is dedication on the part of teacher and sincerity on the part of students the whole educational process cannot be effective.  It is expected that teacher of today will go beyond limit for the betterment of child.

  1. Sincerity in Teaching : It is obligatory on the part of the teacher to teach effectively and to the fullest in the best possible way in required time with the help of available resources. Teacher also ensures that the students are gaining as desired.
  1. Motivating the Students : Teacher should motivate the student not only to study subject but also for life. Without motivation, achievement decreases drastically. Motivation succeeds in difficult times and hence, the teacher should encourage students in all the possible ways.
  1. Providing Emotional Stability : Students are highly emotional by nature and very often situation comes where a normal student may also get emotionally unstable. In such situations teacher has to comfort the students in the best possible manner.

Professional Obligations Towards

Higher Authorities





For example: After closely missing or losing inter school / state level football competition etc.

  1. Psychological Handling of Students Impulses : In day-today activities students may display very strange habits or actions. The teacher should make an attempt to understand the motives and feelings behind particular action and deal with it psychologically so that the action of the student gets positive direction.
  1. Conscious Workers : There are various works which a teacher has to perform besides teaching. These works appear suddenly in day to day affairs which is important for the school as well as the student whereas, no such work is mentioned in the duty book of profession. When the teacher does all the required work for the improvement and development of school and students he fulfills his obligation towards the students and school.
  1. Help the Students in taking decisions : Teachers educate and inspire students for better life, development and progress. All this is very much related to what students think and decide in day today routine. The decisions which students take should have logical base and aim in view. Teacher guides the student in taking such decisions.

For Example: Opting for right subject after Xth keeping in view the aim, aptitude and attitude of the students.

  1. 7.Development of Leadership Qualities : Every student when prepared for life has to act as a leader in different situation. Teachers provide such opportunity to the students by making them participate in stage activities, morning assembly etc. Teacher also demonstrates leadership qualities by exhibiting it himself.

2. Obligation Towards Parents

Parents send their children to school with a hope that their children will do better, learn every required language and ability along with the subjects. It is the teacher who helps the child in achieving the desired goals of society as well as of parents. Hence, it becomes obligatory on the part of the teacher to remain in touch with the parents for the well being and educational growth of the child. Some of the obligations towards parents are as follows:

  1. Providing Regular Information about Child‘s Performance : Parents usually do not come to know how their ward behaves and performs in the class in routine manner. Teacher should inform the parents about the general behavior and performance in relation to, attention towards studies, paying respect to senior‘s teacher‘s etc. The teacher should discuss all this during parent- teacher‘s meet so that if any problem is corrected it is corrected in the very beginning.
  1. Guiding Parents in Deciding the Child‘s Future : Patents usually have knowledge of only a few fields / profession which they have acquired personally or from friends of relatives. Parents tend to decide the option for their children on the basis of their limited personal experience and knowledge. The reality is that professional arena is expanding every day. Hence, a teacher should guide parents about the professional / educational options available for better future of child keeping in mind the caliber of student and current trend prevailing among the students of present generation.
  1. Informing about the Attitude and Aptitude of Child : In present time parent are not able to judge the attitude and aptitude of their child owing to busy schedule of lack of awareness. Whereas, the teacher observes the children every day, individually, as well as in group where child reveals all his aptitude and attitude, which is of great importance in understanding the personality of child. Teacher should share all his findings with parents so that parents are able to understand their children in a better manner.
  1. Help Parents in Providing Conducive Home Environment : At some point of time students face some of the other problem which has its origin at home or which can be solved at home only. Students find it difficult to share their problems with parents due to various reasons. In such situations when a teacher learns of such problems he / she should call the parents and share the situations and suggest them various ways to improve the home environment.
  1. Counseling of Parents : Parents generally treat their children as they were treated during their childhood or as per their own assumptions. They impose their mind set on their wards without considering the change of time and situation because of which children start turning away from parents.

When a teacher does counseling of parents he discusses all such matters keeping in mind the changing situation and mind bent of present generation, so that parents, teachers and students are able to make education more meaningful.

  1. Giving Proper Direction to Hobbies and Interest : Parents find hobbies and interests as wastage of time. Teacher gathers such information of hobbies and interests of individual student and shares it with parents. Teacher convinces the parents on the perusal of different hobbies and interest as it is of great importance and benefit for all round development of Child’s personality. Teacher suggests parents to give better dimension to such outlet of feelings so that students become more creative and talented.
  1. Establishment of good relationship between School and Parents : It is obligatory on the part of the teacher to keep informing parents about the ways of working of school and also about the achievements of school, new activities introduced in the school etc. All this makes the parents feel closer to the school and a better relationship is built.

3. Obligation Towards Society

School is the outcome of the need of the society. It aims at helping the younger generation in improving. The school is also said to be the society in miniature. It is the teacher who as a craftsman craves the future of society and nation.

Following are the obligations of teacher towards the community:

  1. Providing good citizens : When a child is sent to school he becomes a student who is taught various subjects and also the ways of life. During his stay in school he learns how to become a useful member of society by attending to his duties in an honest manner. The teacher has to install all the desired qualities by means of education which makes the students a good citizen.
  1. Making a student responsible towards rights and duties :While living in a society one has to interact regularly with the members of the community. All the interactions should be based on ethical norms which are guided by the legal rights and duties. All such rights and duties ensure that no one interferes in the personal sphere or liberty of other individual and performs one’s own duty in the best possible manner. The correct training of practicing rights and duties have to be conducted by the teacher for smooth functioning of the society.
  1. To follow social norms : Every society is governed by social norms which have been developing since the society originated. These social norms are established for the smooth and effective functioning of the society. Young children initially do not agree to established norms of society and want to change the setting or establish new norms.

Whenever the young generation is confused or influenced by such feeling the teacher guides them by making the existing norms very clear in all the ways.  It develops respect for the social norms and students become socially adjusted individuals.

  1. Setting up of Ethical Standards : Ethical standard are the standard which guides an individual and the society towards betterment. Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow unless they are ethically erect; we cannot assume the society of tomorrow to be upright. Teacher can install ethical qualities in the students by means of moral lecture, personal demonstration and other related activities.
  1. Development of Religious tolerance:India is multi religious country with more than seven religions binding and dividing the people. Unless the students understand and familiarize themselves with the basics of all the religions they will not understand it. This delicate task of unifying the community has to be done by the teacher because people of all the religion trust teachers.  Teacher makes the students understand the similarity of different religions by taking the students to worship places of different religions and also by celebrating holly festivals of all the religions in an appropriate manner.
  1. Integration of National Feeling :A nation cannot progress unless its people are integrated. In a country like India where language and culture dominate the society along with other differences. All these differences needs to be carefully understood and tolerated or else the nation would disintegrate.

School is a society in miniature where teacher can develop the feeling of National Integration by giving importance to all the region, languages and religion by celebrating various national festivals and National Integration Day in particular.

  1. Balancing the community relationship: No individual or a group of people can live in isolation. Despite being in majority or at a socially, economically advantaged position.

When a teacher makes the students realize the importance and contribution of every independent individual or a community and its relationship with others a balance is created between all the members of the society and students understand its importance and try to balance the existing relationship.

  1. Living in Harmony with nature: Every individual belongs to a community and every community depends on natural environment as a biological being. Hence, protecting the nature and safe guarding it is the duty of every individual. Students are taught about the advantages and the role of nature in leading a healthy life by the teachers by means of education (Environmental education) and activities like growing trees, reducing pollution, spreading awareness etc.

4. Obligation towards the Profession:

Teacher profession is considered as one of the noblest professions.  It is expected from a teacher to act, behave and display excellent behavior in the society so that the society gets new dimensions and meaning in life.  Since society considers teaching a very noble profession therefore obligation on the part of the teacher also increases to a great extent.

  1. Safe-guarding and Enhancing the Professional Mechanism :Teacher being the professional of the noblest profession has to display a very noble behavior in and outside the school. His manners and appearance should always reflect simplicity and wisdom. While interacting with students and individuals he should display his concern for improvement of education and overall progress of humanity.
  1. Respecting the Profession : It is obligatory on the part of a teacher to respect the profession even if he is in it by chance and not by choice. By showing his respect for the profession he makes others respect the teaching profession which ultimately makes all the teachers respectable. The teacher should always share the positive and bright side of the profession because discussing negatives will only result in rejection and at the same

time one should not forget that every profession has negative as well as positive.

  1. To be open to professional growth : The teacher should always make an effort towards the professional growth by attending in service training, seminars, workshops etc. organized by concerned educational board for educational enhancement. Teacher can strengthen his growth by reading new books, magazines, journals etc. 4. Contributing towards the growth of Profession: With growing experience and knowledge the teacher realizes certain facts concerning the students, education and educational process. He should contribute his thoughts in the form of article and research paper in various journals which will benefit all the teachers, educators and policy maker‘s throughout the country.  There by resulting in growth of the profession.
  1. Maintaining congenial atmosphere at work place : It is the duty of every professional to maintain congenial atmosphere at work place so that the profession is liked by each and everyone involved in it. It can be done by being friend, guide and philosopher to students, respectable and co-operative to colleagues, obedient and courteous to seniors and also by performing all the duties expected and delegated from time to time.
  1. Inspiring people to join the profession :Whenever a teacher comes across an individual who is capable and interested in joining the teaching profession. He should be guided to the fullest and inspired, so that good people with required attitude and aptitude join the profession. It is an indirect service rendered to an individual and the profession.
  1. Active Participation : Every teacher should become active member of professional organization, consisting it as professional obligation. At the same time he / she should participate actively and contribute to the maximum in every professional meeting and activity organized for the formulation of policies and programmes. The teacher should also be keen to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the professional organization.
  1. Maintaining Secrecy : Every profession deals with various kinds of restricted information, it may be concerning policy matters, student‘s records, examination performance, setting up of question paper, checking of answer sheets etc. All such information should be guarded with maximum care. It should be guarded with maximum care.  It should not be discussed with any unauthorized person except concerned authorities and neither be disclosed before appropriate time.  While maintaining one‘s own secrecy teacher should not interfere in others affairs.

5. Obligation towards the Higher Authorities :

Higher Authorities is the section or the group of people who have been entrusted with the task of formulating and managing the rules, regulations and policies for the development of the institution.

In a way if they are legislature than the teachers are the executives who enforce or execute the programs formulated by the higher Authorities.  For effective functioning and development of any institutions, it is important that a teacher coordinates his actions with the Higher Authorities as per the changing need and situation.

  1. Abiding by the rules and regulation :The teacher should abide by the rules and regulations of an institution framed by the higher authorities from time to time so that there is uniformity, even growth and development throughout and discipline among the staff, then only teachers will be able to enforce discipline among the students. Without discipline progress is not possible.
  1. Acting as a link between higher authorities and students : From time to time higher authorities formulate educational as well as non-educational policies for all round development of students as well as institutions. These policies cannot bear fruits until effectively communicated and administered. The professional obligation of a teacher is to understand these policies in true spirit and effectively propagate it for achieving the desired result, for this the teacher has to act as an effective link between higher authorities and students.
  1. Providing strategic information :Higher authorities are not in the direct contact with the students and the actual happenings. Hence they depend greatly on the teachers to know about the exact situation and information so that they are able to effectively

plan policies.  Teacher should suggest and present a true picture, whenever asked.

  1. To effectively implement the policies and programs :Drawing or framing a program or policy is a theoretical aspect. The success of any policy depends completely on the co- ordination of the policy makers, managers, elevators and teacher as executor. The teacher has a great role in it and has to act as a helping hand in effective implementation of various programs and policies to the above mentioned authorities.
  1. Being respectful (courteous) to higher authorities :It is often observed that the teachers and the other staff members do not show due respect to higher authorities when alone because they implement changes which disturbs the existing equilibrium. Staff members often discuss newly implemented policies or programs and criticize the higher authorities and sometime even share it with students. The teacher should remember that higher authorities bring in changes for betterment because it is their duty.  In any cases due respect should be maintained in and out of the institution.

Apart from the above mentioned obligations there are innumerable obligations which a teacher has to take care of.  These obligations change their face with time, situation and people.

A teacher can become a professional in real sense if he fulfills all the obligations and remembers that a Profession is above the professional and in no case he should allow his human instincts and feelings to come in the way of his profession.  So all over we can say that a teacher has greater duties and responsibilities to perform for the betterment of the society.  Professional ethics and mannerism should go hand in hand so that the teacher is able to move ahead as a real professional in changing time.

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